Installation Instructions

  • Download and save the ZIP file from the link above

  • Right click the ZIP file and select "Extract All"

  • Unzipping will either result in just the executable by itself, or a folder named track which contains the executable, track.exe. Take note of where this folder is located.

  • Open up Command Prompt (or PowerShell if you prefer that)

  • Navigate with cd (change directory) to where you extracted the executable. In my case, it was Downloads\track

  • While inside this directory, you should be able to run track directly by typing track and pressing Enter

Setting the PATH Environment Variable

  • Type environment in the Start menu search, and look for Edit the system environment variables

  • Click on the Environment Variables button

  • Under User variables for <USER>, select Path and then Edit. You can select System variables instead if you want this to apply to every user on the system

  • On the edit screen, click New and then paste the path of the folder which contains track.exe. Note: track.exe should not appear in the string you paste, just its parent folder. Add it and then click Ok through all the previous windows.

  • Close and re-open the command prompt

  • Without changing directories, try running a track command such as track tutorial to test that you can use the command from any location


See the usage page to learn how to use track.