The examinees’ codes are verified by running it with prepared test cases. If you would like to run some particular test cases or any test case you prepare yourself, there is a debugging tool you can use integrated with track.

1. Click the gear button in the bottom-right corner of the page
2. Choose test case you would like to run from the pull-down menu
3. Click “Execute” button

You may change the test cases freely. If you prepare the test case by yourself, paste it in the textbox.


  • If you would like all prepared tests to be run, click the “Run Test” button in the right-bottom corner. When finished, all logs of the tests are shown in the console.
  • Even when you run tests with the debugging tool, your source code is evaluated with all test cases and it is saved in the server along with the score.
  • The result of tests is shown in the console. You can get what the results tell you here.
  • There are some problems without the debugging tool; we are planning to add the tool soon in the future.