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How to take exam using local IDE on Track
How to take exam using local IDE on Track

How to use your favorite IDE and maximize your exam results on Track

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[IMPORTANT] Before reading, please install Track CLI to your environment.

We will explain in the following order:

  1. How to get started

  2. How to test your code

  3. How to submit your code

1. How to get started

Click "Start Challenge".

Read the important points and click "Next".

Click "Solve on your local PC".

Complete the following tasks and put a checkmark as you go.

After completing all the tasks, click "OK".

Select your preferred language and click "Next"

Check the time limit and click "Start"

On the web editor, copy the command you see on the bottom of the screen:

On your terminal, paste and run the command you just copied.
Copy and run the command highlighted in green.

The directory name is different for every exam.

You should see the files to be submitted, test score, and the time limit.

Open the folder in your favorite IDE. Happy hacking!

2. How to test your code

To test your code, run this command in your terminal:

track run

To see the list of other commands you can use, run this command:

track help

3. How to submit your code

On your terminal, run the following command:

track run

On the web editor, click "Reload".

Make sure your code is the same as the one you have on your IDE.

Submit your code by clicking "Submit Challenge".

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the exam :)

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