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⚠️ Important Note

  • Please note that Track does not support mobile browsers when taking an exam.

  • The supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. We cannot guarantee other browsers will work properly with Track.

We will explain in the following order:

  1. How to start the exam

  2. How to start solving a challenge

  3. How to submit the exam

1. How to start the exam

This is an example of the page you see before starting the exam:

You can reach the help articles and try out tutorial exam on the right side of the page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you see an entry form and enter the required field:

Click the check box if you agree to the terms of service and policy:

Click "Start Exam":

2. How to start solving a challenge

This is an example of the page you see after starting the exam:

You can start solving any of the challenges by clicking "Start challenge":

You don’t have to take the challenges in the order that they are listed in. Feel free to take them in the order that you wish.

Regarding the submission deadline:

There is a submission deadline set by the distributor for the exam.

Until the submission deadline, examinees can start the problems at any time they prefer.

Once the submission deadline has passed, any answers that have been saved up to that point will be automatically submitted.

Regarding the time limit:

Also, there may be a time limit set for each challenge.

Once a challenge is opened, the countdown for the time limit begins.

Please note that once a challenge has been started, the time limit cannot be stopped.

3. How to submit the exam

After you complete all challenges, click the "Submit & Finish Exam":

Read the notes, review the current answers and click "Submit & Finish Exam":

Your exam will not be submitted to the organization unless you click here or reach the deadline.

You finished the exam 🎉

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